Nicole Nguyen

Nicole Nguyen

Personal Tech columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Nicole Nguyen is a Personal Tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal, covering how technology companies' products and policies affect people's lives. Before joining the Journal, she was a reporter covering tech giants at BuzzFeed News. Nicole lives in San Francisco with, to her husband’s great dismay, zero cats or dogs, and can be reached at or on Twitter.

Latest Articles

Personal TEch | Nicole Nguyen

In a category dominated by tech giants, here’s how Garmin has held on to its high-spending, sports-focused fan base.

October 30, 2022

Personal Technology: Nicole Nguyen

Google’s first wearable means no longer choosing between Fitbit’s fitness features and more general smartwatch functions—but there are other trade-offs.

October 12, 2022


Apple’s newest wearable is for endurance athletes and outdoorsy types, with multiday battery life and a rugged build. So how does it fare against reigning champ Garmin?

September 22, 2022


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